Oh Captain My Captain

Oh Captain My Captain
#87 Captain Sidney Crosby


Beautiful Soul

August 7, 1987 a star is born. The world just didn’t know it yet. As he grows, it becomes obvious this kid is something special. Smart, sweet and with a flare for the great game of hockey. How could it be that this amazing boy was among us? Above and beyond incredible, soaring higher then the farthest shooting star. Little did we know, that one day this would be our superstar. 

From shooting pucks at an old dryer in a basement, to taking the NHL by storm,our star has become the most talked about Idol on earth! Who could this wonder be? How does he continue to amaze and awe everyone, day after day, game after game? His passion for the great game of Hockey is unparalleled. His talent and skill beyond anything imaginable. But it’s his unwavering honesty and integrity that brings us all to our feet.

He’s on top of the world, yet so down to earth. Loved, wanted, beloved and yet humble and true.The insanely good looks don’t hurt either.  Consistent both on and off the ice, he’s truly a wonder to behold.The 8th wonder of the world? I think so! Truly an angel sent from heaven to bring the world joy and hope. 

Inspiring others to shoot for the stars. To fight for their dreams and never give up!A hero for many, a teammate, captain, and friend. A son to be proud of, and a role model to mold ourselves after. 
There are so many sides to this great man, we haven’t even begun to understand them all. He impresses, inspires, encourages and fascinates us all. Beautiful on the inside as well as out. 
This amazing man, incredible hockey superstar and a stunningly beautiful soul. Don’t ever change Sidney Patrick Crosby. You are beautiful just the way you are!

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