Oh Captain My Captain

Oh Captain My Captain
#87 Captain Sidney Crosby


Sid talking to Media - Jan 18, 2011

Sidney Crosby's comments today to the media:

On how he feels:
I’ve definitely gotten better. It’s kind of hard to judge because it’s not something I’ve gone through, but I’m progressing. 

On the symptoms:
It’s on and off. As far as symptoms, it’s mostly headaches. Once you get better, you realize how far you’ve come. Some days you feel good. You feel like you’ve made progress. Some days are a little bit tougher. That’s all tied into this type of injury.

On timetable:
It has gotten better. It’s tough to put a timetable on it. I feel like I’ve progressed a lot, especially the past week or so. Hopefully that’s a good sign. 

On a report that he’s angry the NHL didn’t punish the two headshots and won’t participate in the All-Star Game:
That’s not even close (to accurate). I’ll be there if I can be there and still haven’t ruled out being there. Hopefully, in the next few days things get better. There’s a slight chance I can still be back for that. That’s what I’m hoping. If I can be there, I’ll be there.

On if he was angry about the hits
It’s out of my hands. I can’t control what is called and not called. If anything it’s frustrating being out, but (the hits are) not what fuels the frustration. The frustration part is not being able to play hockey every day. 

On Lidstrom being an All-Star captain
That’s pretty fitting. It’s pretty amazing to see what he’s doing at his age. It’s pretty incredible. He’s going to have some pressure to make those picks, but you couldn’t have a better captain.

On Crosby helping the coaching staff in his absence
It’s much easier from up top or on TV. There’s so much more room. You’re able to see things develop a lot easier. There are things I recognized, nothing in particular. If anything I probably have more of an appreciation of certain things in our game. We’re pretty critical of ourselves and the way that we play, and making sure that we’re detailed. A few times we killed some 5-on-3s. I remember watching and thinking that the other teams didn’t have a lot of options, guys were blocking shots, getting in lanes and making it tough. If anything I gained an appreciation over the last couple of weeks. 

On using his prestige to further the rules for headshots
It’s easier to do that when you’ve gone through that and dealt with it. I think I’ve always been interested in those type of things and improving the game, evaluating it from everyone’s point of view. Having gone through this for the last little bit, it’s probably a little easier to do that.

On gaining perspective on concussions:
There are different times where you’ve been hit hard and thought that you might have been close to a concussion, or have a slight one. After going through this I can say that I haven’t and this is the first one. It’s not fun. You kind of gain a perspective on things and realize how serious and tough it is. It’s something that you have a greater opinion having gone through it.

On if it’s scary to go through:
It is, it’s different. It’s not like a bruise or playing through something. It’s a lot more serious than that. It’s a little different. 

On his opinion of the headshot rules:
I think they’re trying to recognize the fact that there’s been hits and serious effects of those. They’ve made strides in doing that. As for mine, it’s tough to say what exactly happened. Who knows? Overall, I think it’s something that they’re aware of. You’ve seen in the last week or so there have been a couple suspensions for hits to the head. It’s something they’re trying to be active with and it’s the right thing to do.

On if he’s active off the ice:
No, not (doing) much. 

On if he’s exerting himself off the ice:

On if he would go to Carolina for the All-Star Game even if he doesn’t play:
This is different than Montreal as far as injury-wise. If I can be there I will be there. 

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