Oh Captain My Captain

Oh Captain My Captain
#87 Captain Sidney Crosby


Canada's Golden Boy

You took a chance 
That changed the course of history
You gave this country a moment
That made the whole world scream.

In a split second, you went from
A hockey superstar,
To an entire country’s hero.

You gave us a moment to be proud of,
And we are proud of you.
So many of us believe,
There’s nothing you can’t do.

It must be deafening, way up there
In the throws 
Of fame and light.

Yet even with that glory,
You keep your feet firmly on the ground,
When your heart sprouts wings
And takes flight.

You are an inspiration to us all
I really think you should know,
How awesome you really are
And how bright you really glow.

You are this country’s golden boy,
That there is no doubt.
But that isn’t what takes my breath away,
It’s your heart of gold.

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